Grilled Cheese

I've been told that the best things in life come in threes.
From what I've seen it's hard to disagree.
My favorite example: bread, butter, and cheese.
A wonderful combination that brings back childhood memories.

The possibilities are endless, that's a guarantee.
Whether you pick gouda or brie,
Your tastebuds will transcend into an alternate reality!
That's not hyperbole.

So, as my nominee,
My choice is      a grilled cheese.

April 27, 2023


For Your Eyes Only

This is for your eyes only.
A tribute in your reverence.
Running through my mind slowly, 
Abducted by your essence.

In your orbit, I gravitate.
Burning up in your atmosphere.
I swear, I don't exaggerate.
You draw me near.

Beautiful is an understatement.
Like my favorite song, I keep you on replay.
If sunsets represent beauty, you're the equivalent.
Painted perfectly like a Monet.

March 8, 2023


Light in the Dark

Even the Sun must rest,
You can see as he lies on the horizon.
Light fades and warmth leaves my chest.
Darkness fills its place, but alas I've been blessed.
Look up! Twinkling in the sky. A guardian; Orion.

Specks of hope puncture the night,
A sea of suns fills the void.
In the face of solitude look for the light.
Darkness passes; the Sun again ignites.
Feel the warmth and let fear be destroyed.

January 19, 2022



Reaching up and plucking it out of the sky
Hanging it on a branch for you and I.
Like fireworks on the Fourth of July,
Our taste buds acidify.

Your vivid shine caught my eye.
Like that bittersweet juice, you made my heart liquefy.
If I were to describe how I feel I'd oversimplify.
Just the thought of you makes my love intensify.

Attracted to you like a fruit fly,
An orange you personify.

January 16, 2022


Lack of Excitement

Growing up nothing made me excited,
Always wondering if I was broke,
Searching to have it reignited,
Life is a sick joke.

To this very day, I am still the same.
It's a feeling I've rarely felt,
I guess I'm the only one I can blame,
But it squeezes my heart like a belt.

I dream of the day I find what I'm looking for.
My life would be complete,
To have something that excites me evermore,
I could finally say I overcame defeat.

But what would it take?
To escape this unusual fate. 

September 15, 2021


Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies,
Intertwined in an endless dance.

Craving each other's touch,
Bound in an eternal prison.

They reached across the vastness of the void,
Extending their warmth like the hand of god.

For a split second, their energies harmonized.
Time itself stopped to let them cherish this moment.

Gravity slowly attracts them ever closer,
If only they knew this was their destiny.

Celestial bodies converging together,
Spiraling down in a dazzling spectacle.

They burned bright      radiating as they fell,
Illuminating the darkness that surrounded them.

Every soul could feel what was happening,
Yet the pair remained blissfully unaware.

Time meant nothing to them,
The past nor the future were of any concern.

Focusing only on each other,
Gracefully waiting for the inevitable.

Celestial bodies created separately.
Held captive in limbo.

Traveling side by side into oblivion,
Frightened by the unknown but grateful for the journey.

Blessed by the heavens in order for them to meet     
An inescapable fate.

Once alone in an infinite void,
Now forever in unison.

September 13, 2021


Don't Worry

What happens when we die?
Do we reincarnate?
Do we go to a big palace in the sky?
Do we go to hell to incinerate?

What if we go nowhere?
Would you be content with your life?
Would you think it's fair?
Would you miss your husband or wife?

Do me a favor,
Listen to what I say.
Happiness is a lifesaver.
Remember that, okay?

Don't worry so much.
Love every day.
Take a moment to feel the sun's soft touch.
I know it sounds like a cliche.

There is no future without the present.
So, at the least, it should be pleasant.

August 31, 2021


Something I Believe

There's something I believe,
In this life or the next nothing is free.
I hate to think that could be, 
But what if the proof is right in front of me?

I can't deny that fact.
It's an idea they say is too abstract,
They tell me the way I act is what I attract,
But I feel like this world has been hijacked.

Everything has its price,
It doesn't matter how concise.
Regardless of my sacrifice,
I know I'll never reach paradise.

This world can be so cruel,
Down to the tiniest molecule.

August 18, 2021


Corrosive Thoughts

Parasites eating away at my brain,
Tonight's the night I try to abstain, 
A fight and attempt to contain,
But these corrosive thoughts still remain.

This plight, is it vain?
Might I ever be sane?
Thoughts so intrusive and profane.
An end nowhere in sight     Is this even humane!

Must I right my wrongs to get rid of this pain?
Do I ignite my mind and let it go up in flames?
Do I spite myself and let this poison drain?
Fright and shame penetrate my membrane.

Everything will be alright they proclaimed.
This life is finite and mundane,
Despite my mental strain. 
Daylight is hard to obtain, when twilight has free reign.

August 14, 2021


I Saw You in a Dream

I saw you in a dream the other night,
The moon peaking over the heavens.
Your face illuminated by a beam of light;
Bliss in your presence.

Gazing into your eyes,
Lost in the moment.
Pulling me in like the tides,
I embrace you without a word spoken.

Heartbeat in my throat.
Despondency in the face of solitude,
Your love is my antidote.
Forever in your gratitude.

Saying farewell is bittersweet.
Awake or asleep I pray again that we meet.

August 13, 2021